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                       High Performance NoSQL



The Problem


Performance problems with database deployments are common. While there is opportunity to optimize many factors, the majority of the performance problems encountered are related to the underlying storage. Be it network storage (NAS/SAN) or local storage, IO issues impact database deployments all the time. NoSQL databases face all the IO issues faced by traditional databases and given their inherently random workload the impact of IO slowness is even more. It is widely known that NoSQL database performance drops off significantly, as the working set outgrows the available system memory and starts hitting the slower storage layer. Best practice recommendation is to have system memory larger than the working set size.

However, System RAM is expensive. Moreover, cloud deployments typically use lower configuration instances with dynamic scaling to handle growth in load, rather than have beefy instances with a lot of system memory.


PerfAccel Solution


PerfAccel presents a unique solution that provides deep analytics to observe IO behavior, helping determine better data placement and improve performance of NoSQL database deployments. Using its intelligent caching capabilities, PerfAccel can deliver much higher performance. Helping cut costs while providing rich analytics and higher performance. PerfAccel supports acceleration of all IO platforms. It supports NAS, SAN and DAS to provide a seamless performance benefit to all types of applications. Configurable caching policies ensure that the right working set resides in the cache for maximum performance benefit.It is extremely easy to deploy and manage and the in depth analytics can provide deep insights which help users understand application IO pattern and IO footprint to optimize workloads. GUI based management console helps in large grid deployments. And also helps gather analytics to a central location.




Industry standard benchmarks such as Yahoo Cloud Servicing Benchmark and Cassandra-Stress have shown 2x to 12x performance improvements with a variety of NoSQL database platforms including MongoDB and Cassandra. Which is proof that the use of PerfAccel as an acceleration layer can hugely improve NoSQL database performance with a very seamless integration and intelligent caching behavior. PerfAccel provides an effective way of using faster storage options such as Solid State Drives for achieving higher throughput and lower latencies in a seamless manner.