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PerfAccel delivers unparalleled performance between render nodes and network storage through a unique grid based data management console. Within minutes, the easy to use Datagres Management Console drives policy directly to thousands of nodes in order to optimize storage performance across the render farm. Through a simple, single pane of glass, PerfAccel consolidates the view of your render farm’s storage IO for real-time, IO monitoring and reporting. This helps administrators create and tune IO policies that reduce latency and increase overall IO performance.



Datagres is working alongside the M&E industry’s biggest names to accelerate application performance by managing data effectively, on local discs, SSDs, or any other storage device available on existing servers. Without disrupting the existing environment, PerfAccel software gives administrators unprecedented visibility into the IOPS requirements of their applications. Real time graphs and deep IO analytics ensure data is managed efficiently across the grid.

Looking for a real world example of how PerfAccel data intelligence works? The graph below details the cache utilization of an actual production environment of 100 high performance media servers. Within 48 hours, PerfAccel technology boosted read/write performance to the point that 80% of the movement of data within the existing network was eliminated.