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Accelerating data through a dynamic management platform, Datagres PerfAccel maximizes storage performance at the file level boosting read/write speeds across physical, virtual, rack, data center, and grid environments. Users see an IOPS increase of at least 2X and an IO latency reduction of 10X-100X within days of deploying PerfAccel.

PerfAccel transparently helps active data move faster and more efficiently under the heaviest of workloads.

Learn how Datagres PerfAccel can accelerate the speed of your data in motion  Free Trial





  • Deploys in less than 1 minute on the server, without disruption
  • Continuous monitoring of “active data”and policy based tuning of IO performance across thousands of servers
  • Analytical mode helps users understand the IO requirements of individual applications
  • Read/Write caching with High Availability functionality
  • Pre-fetch capability enables cache warming when application data requirements are known
  • Automatic caching of AutoFS mount points 
  • Support for all SSD types – SATA or PCI
  • Secure admin console and API for real-time IOPS monitoring and control of data in motion
  • Support for Ext3, NFS v3, NFS v4, SCSI, iSCSI, XEN, KVM, VMware, RHEL6, SLES 11 SP1, Ubuntu 10.04, XFS